Quality guarantee:

Photovoltaic module technology and material without blemish: 5 years guarantee

Efficiency: 10 years guarantee (photovoltaic module’s electricity output is at least 90% of the power rating)

Efficiency: 20 years guarantee (photovoltaic module’s electricity output is at least 80% of the power rating)

Quality control:

In May, 2009, HC SOLAR became the wholly-owned subsidiary of Renesola and successfully blended into the complete industrial chain from source to the application of solar energy. The transfixion of the industrial chain makes JC SOLAR get strong and solid financial and technical support on the basis of the former rigid control. The exceptional technology and equipment and rigid quality control make us pass the certification of TUV, UL, etc. smoothly.

HC SOLAR strictly implements ISO9001 system, and adopts the advanced technology and standard with international practice to guarantee the constant quality of every product group. We meet the quality demand of customers from the headstream and guarantee the immediate delivery and reliable quality of the goods.