Different Needs and Capacities

Farms and small communities may require a wind turbine with a capacity between 10 kW and 50 kW.

Many small commercial and industrial uses require wind turbines of 20 kW or larger.

Larger turbines (namely modern 1,5 or more Megawatts mega turbines) are usually part of large projects and wind farms, able to provide electricity to thousands of homes, while micro turbines (below 1kW) are designed to provide electricity to specific uses (batteries charging, sailboats… ).

This page is on small wind turbines for single-family home needs.

Installation and maintenance

Most small wind turbines are installed by professionals, and require reasonable skills and know-how concerning location, tower erection, installation and regular inspection and maintenance. Manufacturers and their dealers may provide that.

Do-it-yourself solutions usually involve smaller micro wind-systems. Unless you are very skilled, it’s better to let installation and maintenance to professionals.


Common small wind turbines are 3-bladed, up-wind, with an horizontal axis…


High turbulent winds, snow and extreme cold and dust may shorten a small wind turbine lifetime. But a good and well-maintained home wind turbine can last 20 years or more on average conditions. Non-integrated models provide the possibility of component replacement, and the extension of the turbine lifespan far beyond 20 years.