The electrical needs of a single-family home may be provided by wind turbines with a power between 1 and 50 kilowatts (kW), and mostly between 1 kW to 5kW.

Wind speed

If you are considering a wind turbine to provide electricity to your home, the wind speed in your property is a crucial issue. It’s surprising how much the wind speed can vary from one location to another within a fairly small area, and how a good site is critical to a high performance.

The annual average wind speed in your property should attain a minimum of 11-13 mph (miles per hour)/6 meters per second.

Obstructions and tower's height

Your small turbine shouldn’t be obstructed by buildings, trees, hills, etc. These obstructions are a source of wind turbulence and a cause of reduced wind speed.

On or off the grid?

The on-grid wind turbines option has significant advantages, but the isolation of a site or particular preferences of homeowners may favor a stand-alone wind system solution.