GN Series Motors

An exceptionally powerful and extremely accurate range of servo motors, that provide all the advantages of printed armature and rare earth magnet technologies for high performance industrial automation and scientific applications.


Totally enclosed in extra slim profile, all metal cylindrical casings, the design allows for easy attachment of ancillaries. Mountings comply with international standards.


·3 sizes, 6 models

Standard Benefits

·Peak torque output 20x rated torque

·Wide speed range

·Excellent low speed performance

·Very slim profile

·Extra high sensitivity


·Excellent power/weight ratio

·Constant torque over speed

·Zero cogging

·Low inertial

·EMC compliant

Typical Applications

·Process plant/equipment

·Factory automation

·Military systems


·High performance robotics

·High speed winding machinery

·Medical/scientific equipment

Design Options

Flange to IEC, BS, or DIN standards

Shaft extensions - front/rear

Tailored performance profiles

Tachos, brakes, encoders, gearboxes etc.

Shaft fixings - taper, key, flat, thread, pin-hole

Custom engineered units