GP Series Motors

Ultra slim profile, totally enclosed d.c. motors with cost effective servo capability. Using flat armature technology they are ideal for general purpose applications.


A wide range of performances are achieved from two alternative magnetic technologies:

·GPM - excellent performance to volume ratio

·GPN - enhanced GPM performance

·3 sizes, 12 models

Standard Benefits

·Zero cogging

·Minimal torque ripple

·Instant start torque

·Ultra Slim profile

·EMC compliant


·High torque

·Ultra slow/creep capabilities

·Low inertia

·Low inductance

·Wide speed range

Typical Applications

·Process plant

·Automated machinery

·Winding machinery

·Vehicle sub-systems


·Fluid valve control  Robotics

·Professional transcription machines

·Sub-sea research machines

·Medical/scientific equipment

Design Options

·Operating voltages to suit

·Custom shaft sizes/profiles

·Special OEM configurations

·High altitude/vacuum operation 

·Tailored performance profiles

·In-line gearboxes to suit

·Rear shaft for encoder or brake