GPG Series Motors

A compact, lightweight and durable motor gearbox combination, the GPG series provides a high quality, low cost solution to suit a vast array of applications.


To provide maximum selection flexibility, 5 alternative gear ratios are offered as standard for each of 3 motor-gearbox models to suit 12, 24 or 36V rated voltages.


PML flat armature, ironless disc motors as used in applications worldwide, are renowned for their low inductance, zero spark, exceptional brush life. These qualities also ensure excellent EMC properties.


The GPG Series motors can be linked to PMA or PMC Drives

Typical Applications

·Battery operated units

·Industrial robots

·Wire drawers

·Golf carts


·Welder conductor feeds

·Small rewinders

·Medical equipment

·Mobility equipment - wheel drive

Standard Benefits

·DC inputs; 12 to 36V

·5 standard options from 12:1 to 206:1

·Lightweight and durable


·Gear ratio selections

·Compact design

·Low cost solutions

Design Options

·Brake encoder or Tacho can be fitted to rear of motor

·Any gear ratio available from 10:1 to 206:1

·Gearbox can be supplied with shaft at top of unit (up to 30:1 ratio only)