Winchoice wind turbines were aesthetically designed to blend in easily with a variety of environments. From private residences to small retail locations, from museums to community gathering spaces, Winchoice are making a statement across the globe. Here is a sampling of some current uses of the Windspire, as well as some ideas in concept:


Use one or more Winchoice to power your home. Place them in the back yard, or display them in front of your home. Line a path, driveway, or your entry, using Windspires as power-generating pillars. Great for homes in the country, but also appropriate for many suburban and urban settings with access to wind.


Set up an array of Windspires in front of your building to provide you with electricity. Use this attractive form of renewable energy to visibly display your corporation's values and environmental responsibility, while lowering your energy bills. For larger commercial buildings with the right structural attributes, you may consider placing Winchoice on raised patios or roofs.


Whether it's for pumping water or powering greenhouse lights, whether as a compliment to your grid electricity or as an off-grid solution, the Windspire is simple to install and an economical wind power solution.

Remote Power

Off-grid needs for power include charging cell towers around the world, and providing for basic power needs in developing countries, such as lighting, cell phones charging for communication needs, or water filtration to ensure clean water.

Kinetic Sculptures

Winchoice don't just make power, they also look fantastic, especially when placed in a group. For resorts, hotels, office towers, etc. A group of Winchoice arranged artistically in an array and painted with custom colors, can form a novel display of renewable energy that provides usable electricity, visual appeal, and a strong message of sustainability to passers-by. Take your outdoor display to a new level by incorporating Winchoice.